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Comptuter Services

Computers, Internet, & iPad Services

Adult Computer Use

The library has four computers for public, adult use. Sign in is required before using the computers. We have a variety of different computer programs for use. We also have printing available. The prices are as follows:

  • Prints are $.10 a sheet per one side and $.15 a sheet for two sided copies.
  • Cardstock and colored paper is .$20 a sheet.
  • Color copies are $1.00 a sheet.

Time is limited to 30 minutes unless there are no patrons waiting to use the Internet. Total internet time per day is 1 (one) hour.



We have one flatbed scanner available in the computer room. The use of the scanner is free, but you need to know how to use the scanner. The staff does not scan for you on this device. If you need us to scan for you, it will be $1.00 per scan.


Teen Computer Use

There are three teen computers for use. Printing prices are the same as listed above. All computers are filtered for ages 13 and below, but the best way to filter the internet is to sit next to your child while they use the computer. We are not responsible for any kind of inappropriate material that might be viewed. Teens can sign in to their school google account and do their homework on these machines.


iPad Use

The library has six iPads for our children and teens to use. There is no printing from the iPads. Time limits are 30 minutes unless no one is waiting.


Internet Use

nternet Policy should be read and understood before using. Click here to read the policy.

or Call: 208.766.2229