Idaho Commission for the Libraries

Thank you for the books and backpacks for our Summer Reading Program and the events in the park. Also for the STEM grants. The Commission is always so supportive... We also appreciate the Fred Meyer Foundation and the books they gave us.

Idaho Community Foundation

Thanks to the $2500 dollar grant from the Idaho Community Foundation we were able to get new shelving for our library. We appreciate the support we always get from the Foundation.

Redfield Foundation

Thank you to the Redfield Foundation for their ongoing support of $10,000 to purchase bestselling books.

IFFT Foundation Fund

Thank you to the IFFT Foundation for giving us the grant money to purchase a 3-D printer and the filament to go with it. This will be used in our teen program and a big thanks to Kade Price for showing the youth how to use it.


PILGROW Book Grant

Thank you to the Pilgrow Foundation for their donation of 96 new Children's and Young Adult Books. Thanks also to Katherine White, Mr. Hal Berenson and Mrs. Laura Ackerman for adding to our grant.

Redfield Foundation

The Redfield Foundation has awarded the Oneida County Library an additional $10,000 grant to help fund book purchases at the library for the year. They have funded this $10,000 for several years and we thank them for their generous donations.

The Redfield Foundation has generously awarded the funding for a new roof at Oneida County Library. The Library roof has been leaking and has had water damage as a result. Thank you so much to the Redfield Foundation for this grant!

The Redfield foundation has awarded the Oneida County Library a matching grant of $5000 for a new copy machine.

The Redfield foundation has awarded the Oneida County Library almost $17,000 to replace the old heating/air conditioning system. We appreciate their support and are excited to replace the 30 year old system with an up-to-date efficient furnace and air conditioning units. (2007)

The Redfield Foundation funded $25,000 for our new children's addition. The addition has made quite a difference to our library and our children's program. We thank them for their support.


Nell J. Redfield Children's Library



Part of the New Nell J. Redfield Children's Library









Thank you Idaho Community Foundation!

Thanks to a grant in 2012 of $1500 from the Idaho Community Foundation, we have new children's computers and software! Bring your children in and give it a test drive. There's always fun at the library! THANK YOU ICF!!!

Thank you to the IFFT Foundation

The new pavers in the front of the libary are the result of a beautification grant from the IFFT Foundation for $10,000. Thanks also to Cindy Coleman for drawing up the plans, to Hess Pumice for supplying the Heavy Equipment for concrete removal, to Kay and Gene Caldwell for their many trips to choose the pavers and also to Gene for help with the sprinkling system. Also thanks to our volunteers -- Bob Kent, Jeremy deJong and Tyler Petersen for removing the concrete, and to Dave Kent of Sage Hill Arabians for donating the top soil for the flower beds.

Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation

The Laura Moore Foundation has awarded the Oneida County Library a grant in the amount of $8,000 to help repair water damage by a leaking roof. We appreciate their funding on behalf of our library.

Hess Pumice Employees - 2009

Thank you Hess Pumice Employees for a matching grant for our new copy machine!